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Jordan Anderson is a P.I. investigating strange occurrences at the Kingman Corporation in Arlington, Virginia. As things progress, she finds herself working with another investigator, George Kilburn, who is also investigating this corporation on behalf of a Senate oversight committee.

As the investigation progresses, they find themselves tracking down a shipment of highly classified equipment that had suspiciously turned up in Afghanistan and looking into the mysterious death of a disbursement officer.

Before the investigation is completed, they find themselves face-to-face with more than just murder, espionage and terrorism -- they also face true love.

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Ruth Barrett

About the Author

Ruth Barrett was born in New York and raised in Georgia.

She has worked with the federal government and settled in Virginia for more than thirty years now.

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Jordan Anderson sat at her desk finishing the final report of a case she had just completed. Looking around, she thought about what she had accomplished in her thirty-two years and where she stood in the career path she had mapped out for herself when she decided to major in criminal law at Harvard University.

She had graduated with a 3.8 grade average and had received offers from a number of law firms, but being a corporate lawyer wasn’t what she wanted. Her brother, James, was a JAG lawyer with the navy, and her uncle had been a detective with the Baltimore police department until he was killed in the line of duty. She could easily put herself in their places when they told her how they had conducted interviews and followed leads to arrive at the truth.

It was the thrill of discovering and obtaining evidence and putting the pieces together to make right something that had been wrong that compelled her. She found fulfillment in being a private investigator who chose whether to accept or refuse a case based on the merits and not by political pressure, money, or power. Unlike some of the other private investigators out there, Jordan wouldn't take a case if she felt the person was just looking for revenge or to 'settle a score'. She knew that she had to be able to look back at the face in her mirror each morning. She couldn't do that if she compromised her principles in the process.

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